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Stop Working So Hard and Create the Life You Really Want!"

by Jennifer White



Part I: Work Less
Chapter 1. Uncover What Stops You
Chapter 2. Do What You Do Best
Chapter 3. Harness the Power Of Focus
Chapter 4. Handle the Time Machine
Chapter 5. Say Yes To Yourself

Part II: Make More
Chapter 6. Duplicate Yourself
Chapter 7. Add Memorable Value
Chapter 8. Create, Innovate and Thrive
Chapter 9. Generate High Income Now
Chapter 10. Develop Powerful Relationships

Final Thoughts
About The Author


When people ask me what I do for a living, I usually answer, "I'm a success coach."

"A success coach?" they ask.

"Yeah, a success coach," I reply. "I help people to work less and make more."

More times than not they say, "Is it even possible to work less and make more?" (And they're thinking, "Yeah, right.")

It is possible to work less and make more. The book you're holding shows you exactly how to do it. The decision you need to make is whether you want to join me on this journey.

Many of you have put your lives on hold because you think you don't have the time or the money to make more of your life. You're full of reasons on why your life isn't exactly what you want. Which one of these excuses fits your situation?

  • If I just had more time...
  • If I just had more money...
  • As soon as my kids finish school...
  • As soon as I get a new job...
  • As soon as I get married...
  • As soon as I get divorced...
  • When I get promoted...
  • When I get more organized...
  • When the kids go to college...
  • When my boss leaves...
  • After my vacation...
  • It's the slow season...
  • It's the holiday season...
  • When I find someone to...
  • When I get out of debt...
  • When I get a better job...
  • When my spouse...
  • When my parents...
  • As soon as I...

Many people hold a secret belief that work has to be work and not any fun. They secretly believe that anything they truly want to do must be placed at a distant second. They are too responsible to chase their ideas or passions. So those dreams that are burning in their souls are kept buried because they believe it just isn't practical.

I know this probably rings true in your life as well. What if the game you're playing simply isn't working anymore? You're stressed out. Burned out. Just plain tired. Yet you're not sure how to stop working so hard. You're probably afraid if you stop working, you'll end up broke and dissatisfied.

Deep inside, you may feel a great yearning. You're not quite sure what it is, but you think it's that you don't have enough.

  • Not enough time.
  • Not enough money.

So you begin pursuing them. You focus on external things -- having a bigger house, a better car, a prestigious job. The feeling of emptiness may go away for a while, but it always comes back bigger and stronger than ever. That's why you don't take the time to celebrate your successes. You're still on the quest to fill in the hole.

After working with hundreds of clients, I know one of the reasons you keep your life so busy may be because you're afraid to address your inner issues. This doesn't apply to everyone, but it may explain why you aren't able to slow down. Why you're moving so fast.

You stay busy because you don't want to look at your relationships that aren't working. You stay busy because you don't want to address problems with your kids. Busy because you don't want to admit your career isn't satisfying. Busy because you don't want to face the fact that you've lost touch with the important people in your life. Most of all, you stay busy because you don't want to admit you have lost touch with yourself. And you're afraid that if you slowed down, the world would go on without you and what you did would not have mattered.

A consultant I know recently said it best, "I know if my desk is piled high with work and my calendar is full, I'm important. All the work proves it to me." Being so busy creates the illusion that you're someone important. Ultimately that busyness keeps you from truly living your life.

As long as you convince yourself that your work is so vital that it forces you to stay busy, you'll never reach ultimate fulfillment. You'll stop yourself from experiencing what life is all about.

The time has come for a new plan. A quest that is more achievable, more desirable and healthier than the old one. Where you must enjoy life to the fullest. Where you have plenty of time and money. Where you have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Where you find joy in your everyday activities. I call this journey, Work Less Make More.

"Work Less" is not just about learning how to better manage your time. Yes, many of you want to spend less time at the office, and this book will help you do that. Work Less also means you find so much joy in what you do every day that you come home from work energized and renewed rather than burned out and exhausted. Work Less is about putting the passion and inspiration back in your life. The problem is, most of you believe you don't have the time to make your life passionate again. This book will help you free up time so you can focus on living. Work Less not only means having the time to live the life you want, but turning your work into play so you no longer have to work at all.

The other part of this book is "Make More." There's an important thing you need to know. Making more is not just about making more money. I know, that's probably what you thought when you read the title and bought this book. Making more is also about making more of your life. Isn't that why you want more time and more money? So you can have the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it. In other words, making more of your life.

Work Less, Make More® is a lifestyle. It's about redesigning your life so you can feel satisfied. Fulfilled. Passionate about living again.

Working less and making more is a very personal quest to me because I spent many years working way too much. I was caught up in wearing the right clothes, driving the right car, having the right job, making the right amount of money. Isn't that what the American Dream is all about?

During those days -- what my husband and I call the "Dark Years" -- I spent a lot of time rushing around and not a lot of time laughing. I used to say, "If I had more time, I'd have more fun." The truth was I didn't have a clue what having fun was all about. I often found myself saying "Work is fun," but frankly, I was lying to myself.

You see, I was following the advice my parents, teachers and mentors had given me. I know you've heard this advice as well. Some people call it the Puritan work ethic. What it comes down to is you must suffer and sacrifice for your success. You need to work long hard hours, be fully dedicated and committed, and someday if you're lucky, success will be yours. I was determined to be one of the "lucky" ones. So I became consumed by my work.

I worked all the time. I was the one who turned on the lights at the office and the one to turn them off in the evening. I used to wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work. I talked about work. I thought about work all the time. I was obsessed with being successful. (My definition of success back then was by achieving at work.)

The day I decided to dramatically change my life was a day I'll never forget. I was with my husband eating pizza and drinking beer when out of the blue he said, "When are you quitting your job?"

I looked at him, shocked. "Why would I quit my job? I make great money. I have a company car. Free cellular service. A huge rolodex. Besides, I'm too busy to quit my job. Who would pay the bills?" (Never mind that he owned a profitable company.) Notice what I focused on was all the stuff in my life. I was deeply concerned about what I had, not with who I was.

He calmly looked at me and said, "I don't like who you're becoming."

It was in that moment that I realized the person I was becoming was not the person I really am. My life was more than the money I made. It was more than the house I lived in, the car I drove and the clothes I wore. On that fateful day, I decided to ask myself an important question, "How can I make more of my life?"

I went out to find the answer. I read books, and I went to seminars. I talked to successful people -- wealthy people -- and tried to figure out what they were doing. What I found was many of them were looking for the answer to that same question. They weren't quite sure how to work less and make more either.

I discovered most people want to know how to find fulfillment and still have lots of money. I did, too. Living a simple life in the woods was not the answer. Work Less, Make More® became my answer.

For me, I had to leave my corporate job and become an entrepreneur in order to start on my Work Less, Make More® journey. But please know I struggled with this idea of working less and making more. Just because I quit my job didn't mean I all of a sudden got it. If you thought I worked a lot when I was in corporate America, you should have seen me during the early years when I was in business for myself.

I learned how to work less and make more not only by experimenting with my own life, but when I became a success coach five years ago, by learning a tremendous amount from my clients. I watched them struggle to work less and make more, and I was compelled to help them find an easier way. We worked together to find the path.

You'll meet many of my clients in this book who have done it. (I've changed their names to protect their privacy.) Many of them started in the same place where you are right now. They wanted to work less and make more, but they weren't quite sure how to begin. You'll experience their pain and suffering. You'll see what they did to create new lives. You'll be amazed at their courage to dive in and change. And you'll learn exactly what they did with my coaching to work less and make more.

It is possible.

Now don't get me wrong. Work Less, Make More® is not an easy program. It wasn't easy when I first started on this journey, and it's not always easy now.

You'll need to take a good look at how you got to where you are right now.

You'll need to decide what your life has been about up to this point. Inspecting your life with a fine-tooth comb is not an easy thing to do.

To have success with Work Less, Make More®, you'll have to make some hard decisions. Take some dramatic actions. Say no to some things that you want to say yes to. As your coach, I'll ask you to find a better way. Many times, it'll be a simpler way. And often, you'll shatter your illusions and have to take a risk. It won't be easy, but if you're committed to working less and making more, you'll make that dream a reality.

This book will help you chart a course to make more out of your life. You won't find lasting satisfaction until you design a life that supports who you are, not what you have or do. Lasting fulfillment comes not from achieving and acquiring, but from becoming who you really are.

My vision for you is that you find deep fulfillment while making as much money as you've always wanted. I know you can make more of your life. Get ready. You're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

© Copyright 1999 The JWC Group.

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